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Bev Richardson

Do you find sometimes it takes ages to work out where God is taking you in life.  For Bev that is certainly the case - it was more than ten years ago that Bev first went to Paraguay on a short term mission visit.  At that time Bev was a member of our congregation and St Luke's was already linked with Paraguay. It was our mission partner there, Caroline Gilmour-White, who  first put the idea of being a Pioneer Mission into Bev's mind. Fast forward to 2020 and, after a two year stint in Paraguay as a Pioneer Mission partner, Bev was accepted by the Church Mission Society-CMS as a full Mission Partner in Paraguay. Read her full story here

In the past year life has changed for Bev as she has met, and now married, Johnny Pinos, a Pastor and Missionary living and working in Ecuador. They are discerning with the church in Cuenca, and also with the mission leaders in Latin America at CMS, how God is calling them with a vision to continue to serve him as a married couple.

Their wedding was on April 2nd in Cuenca, Ecuador - Watch it hereBev and Johnny's  Wedding  Day

We continue to pray, love and support Bev as she serves overseas in South America with the CMS. Read her latest newsletter here






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