Messy Church

At St. Luke’s Church, once a month we host a Messy Church.  Messy Church is a national movement that creates church communities that are, well, messy!

Please find details of our upcoming Messy Church events and the links to book to let us know you are coming:

Messy Church - Monday 8th July 3.15pm - 5pm - CLICK HERE TO BOOK

What happens at Messy Church?
At Messy Church will have lots of fun activities for parents, carers and children to do together. Then there will time to worship God before everybody shares food.  It’s a chance to find out more of God’s stories and grow together as God’s people.

Activities might be art, or games, or drama. The worship might be traditional or modern, or a mixture of both.

We can be Messy too.  We don’t have to be perfect when we come to church – our kids’ hair can be uncombed, they can make noise, we can be sad or anxious or lonely, and we can explore our wonderful creative God through stuff that leaves Play-Doh and paint everywhere.

When Is Messy Church?
Usually, Messy Church is the second Monday of the month, straight after school from 3.15 to 5pm.  Sign up to receive the ‘Welcome to Messy’ invites and registration form.

Where Is Messy Church?
Messy Church always starts in the church rooms.  Sometimes, we go over to the church for an activity or short film and then back to the church rooms for a hot meal.

Who Is Messy Church For?
Messy Church is for all pre-school and primary school children, to worship together. But Messy Church is there for adults too. The parents and carers aren’t just there to supervise their children – they’re there to worship, and come closer to God, and grow in faith. Come along to Messy Church and enjoy the experience of worshiping together as a family, while having a lot of fun.





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